Browser Support
scenechronize has been designed to work with the major browsers for Windows and OS X - Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Our goal is for the scenechronize experience to be consistent and enjoyable with each browser. This article discusses the browsers and our recommendations for Windows and OS X.

Why do you require me to upgrade?
We want scenechronize users to have the best possible experience. To do this, we need to take advantage of the improvements in each browser release. By focusing our quality assurance on fewer combinations of browsers and operating systems, we can deliver higher quality throughout the application.

Next Generation Web Applications
scenechronize is part of a new generation of web applications that places greater performance and stability demands on the browser. Other examples include GMail, Flickr and Hulu. Both Firefox and Safari are aggressively updating their browsers to accommodate these next generation web applications. The performance improvement from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 was 100%. With the next release of Firefox, there will be an additional 50% performance improvement. Similar performance improvements are happening with Safari.

Recommended Browsers
For Windows users, we recommend Firefox.
Get Firefox
Why isn't Microsoft Internet Explorer recommended?

For OS X users, both Safari and Firefox work great.
Get Firefox
Get Safari

For Windows users, what about Apple Safari or Google Chrome? While we don't officially support (yet) either of these browsers for Windows users, we've heard many good things about the scenechronize experience using either. If you feel up to it, give one a shot and let us know how it goes. Here are the links:
Get Safari for Windows
Get Google Chrome