Scenechronize Browser Support

What browser should I use?

Scenechronize has been designed to work with Microsoft Edge and macOS Safari on the desktop. Updated version of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all supported and recommended.

Why are some browsers not recommended?

Standards exist for how browsers should display pages, although there are differences in how each browser interprets those standards. We strive to make the Scenechronize experience consistent and enjoyable for all users, but in some cases we will make decisions that favor the browsers that follow the most common standard.

What about mobile?

Scenechronize was not originally designed for mobile. We have an app for iOS that allows you to access your files, but the website itself does not scale or have controls built in for other mobile environments. You can choose to access Scenechronize anyway with your mobile device, but please note that not all features will be supported and you may have to pinch or zoom for readability. Future enhancements will make the mobile experience better.